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King Of The Beats: KOTB0001 and KOTB0002

KING OF THE BEATS founded back in 1999. Film maker Pritt Kalsi embarked on his project THE KING OF THE BEATS. For over 20 years he has been Involved in Hip hop Culture, looking for those breaks beats and samples. In tradition of DJs Such as Jazzy Jay, Marley Marl, Premier and Pogo, Pritt founded what was to be the blueprint for this thing called beat battles. Before the 1999 film King of the beats there were no beat battles.

His aim is too keep that vinyl culture alive. From the days when Djs would look for those breakbeats for a $1, turning them into some of the most classic records we all love to this day. The challenge..... Each artist has a budget of £20 to go find records. They have to find the drums, samples and music. They then have to return to their studio and build a beat. Doesn’t sound too complicated? You only have one day to complete the whole task.

Pioneers, Legends, established and up and coming artists all share this platform. See how they take on the task, choice of records, how they work in the studio, learn some of their production techniques. Most importantly they all share one common bond, their love for good quality real hip hop music.

KOTB0001 ft. Jay King, Mack One & D'Lux Beats

There have been so many talented producers who have come through KING OF THE BEATS that is was no surprise when the idea of starting a label was put forward. Limited to 300 copies only. The first release will feature music by 2 times KOTB winner JAY KING and KOTB 5 Winner D'LUX BEATS. [source]

Kotb0001sampler 1-2 by kingofthebeatsrecords

KOTB0002 ft. Tha 4orce

This is a the Marley Marl Dedication. I challenged 4orce to see if he could emulate Marleys Sound. One of the elements slept on these days by many of todays bedroom producers. We wanted to do something to celebrate Marleys Contribution to Hip Hop and do something special. [source]

Kotb0002sampler by kingofthebeatsrecords

Both releases are limited to 300 copies. Printed In The UK!

My special thanks goes out to Pritt Kalsi of King Of The Beats. All copyrights by King Of The Beats, posted for promotion only.

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