Sonntag, 18. Juli 2010

Poor Pocket: Wat's Poppin ft. Nut-Rageous

Hoo-han! In Memory Of KL this is a very special release from 2008. "Nut-Rageous - Wat's Poppin bw. Nuts & Screws" is a wonderful record to salute "KL aka Kamakazee" on one hand and was the pre-release of "Soulbrotha - Collectors Item" on the other hand.

Wat's Poppin features Nut-Rageous and KL from Screwball, beats by Ron Mills and mixed by the legendary DJ Premier from Gang Starr. Nuts and Screws is a real QB anthem featuring Nut-Rageous, Blaq Poet and Kyron (both Screwball) with amazing beatz and cutz by my man "12 Finger Dan".

A1: Wat's Poppin' (Main)
A2: Wat's Poppin' (Clean)
A3: Wat's Poppin' (Instrumental)
A4: Wat's Poppin' (Acapella)

B1: Nuts & Screws (Main)
B2: Nuts & Screws (Instrumental)
B3: Nuts & Screws (Acapella)
B4: Wat's Poppin' (DJ Brans Remix)

My special thanks goes out to Nutso, Cuban, Poet (stop drinkin da Henneys, you know that shit's poison) and 12 Finger Dan (iz da man on da drum pads). All copyrights by Poor Pocket Muzik and Soul Brother's Basement.


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