Donnerstag, 15. Juli 2010

Liberty Grooves: From Past 2 Present

As promised in my last post here is a little overview on previous "Liberty Grooves" releases. Liberty Grooves was a record shop and label based in South London. The debut single "An Original Break" by Solid 'N' Mind (Rapper Whirlwind D, Producer Johnny F and Beatboxer MSD) was release in 1990 followed by LIB002 ft. True Style.

In 1994 Liberty Grooves released the legendary Gutter Snypes EP "The Trials Of Life" in different versions and different coloured vinyls. Make your own decision what cat-no. you like but you better buy the whole collection! (peace 2 Sigher)

The biggest story and one of the rarest and most thought after records is cat.-no LIB009. I just say Akinyele ft. Kool G Rap - Break A Bitch Neck. Check out the best review from my friends of DWG, nuff said!

In 2009 Liberty Grooves gave their comeback with a limited edition (250 copies) release of "Solid 'N' Mind - Centre Stage bw. Woke With Nothin". Both tracks were recorded in 1991 and released on cassette only before they got pressed on vinyl. The cat.-no. LIB21/2.

Their latest installement please check here.

My special thanks goes out to Dudley and Johnny F. All copyrights by Liberty Grooves.

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