Freitag, 9. Juli 2010

Liberty Grooves: Battle Tipped Rhyme ft. Solid 'N'Mind

About 6 months ago my man Dudley was flicking through some old cassettes and found another Solid n Mind track that Johnny and him had been working on. Anyway, all he had was the original instrumental and the words on a scrappy piece of paper! Having shared a bit of it on Cro’s Main Ingredient Show and discussed re-recording it with various heads (they never properly recorded it, however it was a Liberty Grooves staple in the many freestyle sessions they had at the shop and in other places!), they have decided to record it as it would have been had we released it back in the day.

It has cat no lib003 ½ to fit in where it would have featured at the time, ie after Takin’ Liberties LP and before The Gutter Snipes EP. Included on the twelve are the vocal, inst and acapella as well as the original vintage 1991 instrumental recording straight from the cassette!

Sound Sample

As you can see, there is a black and white picture cover, as this is where they were in 1992 with Liberty Grooves releases (front cover shown). As well as this, there will be an insert with a new Liberty logo/artwork by Johnny F as well as the full Liberty Grooves discography and a history of the label. Finally, a press release will be included with the project. There will be 250 numbered copies never to be repressed.

A1: Battle Tipped Rhyme (Vocal)
A2: Battle Tipped Rhyme (Instrumental)
B1: Battle Tipped Rhyme (Acappella)
B2: Battle Tipped Rhyme (Original 1991 Instrumental)

To show you what these guys and Liberty Grooves did in the past I will add some further Liberty Grooves shit with the next posts. Big up!

My special thanks goes out to Dudley and Johnny F. All copyrights by Liberty Grooves.

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