Mittwoch, 2. Juni 2010

New Medina: NM-1504 ft. Asphalt Legion

Asphalt Legion is a project of Coolie Bee (one half of Asphalt Poetry) founded in 1994. The compilations feature various artists from Santa Cruz to Monterey Bay, California.

A1: Asphalt Poetry - Fact Of The Matter
A2: Flow Pros - Put It To A Stop
A3: Bhang - Big Bhang Theory
B1: Marlon - Punked Like The Rest
B2: Ebony Mist - Stamina
B3: Asphalt Legion - South Bay Clout Pt. 2

Also check out Asphalt Legion - Volume One previously updated at "Stitch By Stitch" blogspot!

The EP is limited to 200 copies only, not to be repressed.... and has a funky fresh sticker on cover!!!

All copyrights by Asphalt Legion and New Medina Music.


  1. please check the "New Medina Music" link to find the order details... Looks like 45 $ for each...


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