Mittwoch, 2. Juni 2010

New Medina: NM-1503 ft. Asphalt Legion

Asphalt Legion is a project of Coolie Bee (one half of Asphalt Poetry) founded in 1994. The compilations feature various artists from Santa Cruz to Monterey Bay, California.

In 1995 AP released their debut on tape with a limited quantity of 300 copies localy distributed. Beside that a promotion 12inch limited to 100 copies found the way to the fans.

Some words from the crew: "Taken from the original DAT’s, the sound, style and rawness of the sessions have not lost their spirit in the 15 years since. None of the tracks have been previously released on vinyl or CD with the exception of “South Bay Cloute”, which was featured on the original promotional 12” from 1994."

A1: Flow Pros - Brain Blast
A2: Ebony Mist - My Temper
A3: Marlon - Deliberate
B1: Asphalt Poetry - Concrete Rhymes
B2: Bhang - Buddha Funk
B3: Asphalt Legion - South Bay Clout Pt. 1

The EP is limited to 200 copies only, not to be repressed... has a funky fresh sticker on cover!

All copyrights by Asphalt Legion and New Medina Music.

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