Back2DaSource: 136-206B2DS ft. Cooley Roc

If you have enjoyed the previous releases from the 206 (Seattle, Washington, Tribal Affiliated) don't leave the Emerald City without this gem from Cooley Roc. "Make No Mistake" was previously only available on CD and Cassette format.

From Seattle in 1995 with beat production by "Stile Free",  Cooleys' west coast sound from the golden era on 2LP vinyl for the first time ever with full picture gatefold sleeve after almost 25 years.

Gatefold edition comes with custom tag insert (press sheet) to be used as a poster with album specific Graffiti Pieces by Piet Pado aka Nerco Black. Album is limited to the usual 300 copies on black wax and CD. 

A: Intro
A: Da Fat Shit
A: Get Hip 2 Da Scripture
A: Where From
A: Microphone Controller
B: Check Da Method
B: What is 206
B: Small Time Dream
B: Just A Reminder
B: U,C,L,A

C: Unass Da Mic
C: 1 In A Million
C: Whats Dat Stile
C: New Improved Shit
C: R U Ready For Dis
D: Xenosoul Flavor
D: What U Need To Hear
D: What Do You Get
D: Make No Mistake
D: No Mistake Made


My special thanks goes to Cooley Roc, Stile Free and Back2DaSource. Shout out to UniKone. All copyrights reserved, posted for promotion use only.