Gentleman's Relief / Heavy Jeweils: ft Trends Of Culture

The trio "Trends Of Culture" who consists of Nastee, M.O.L. and Grapevine released their LP debut in 1993. Only two years later in 1995 their 2nd album was supposed to be released but didn't make it and got lost in a rar promotion tape only.

"When Trend Men Come" has finally arrived courtesy of Gentleman's Relief and Heavy Jewelz featuring the original 11 tracks, remastered from the impossible to find promo tape. 

On top of that the LP has 3 bonus demo tracks from the same era. The 2LP release comes with full color picture sleeve, limited to 300 copies.


A: Trends Anthem
A: Make A Move
A: What I'm Feeling
A: Always and Forever
B: Lavish Lifestyle
B: Who Got My Back (Remix)
B: On & On

C: Spread It All Over
C: Swinger Man
C: Other Man Lover Man
C: New Habits
D: Gunshot (Bonus)
D: M.P.F. (The Game) (Bonus)
D: Real MC (Bonus)

My special thanks goes to GRR, HJ and Trends Of Culture. All copyrights reserved, posted for promotion use only.