Tea Sea: TC-34 ft. Son Of Sam

The Son Of Sam album "Cinder Hill" has been many years in the making and last years release of "Come A Long Way" ft. Large Pro and Ace was the perfect teaser on Slice Of Spice / Tea Sea Records to make people aware about the complete album.

Son Of Sam wrote a lot of their own material, but never properly recorded it in a studio. Tom kept hold of all of these recordings and in 2011 a list of 30 tracks were chosen to record properly. These demo mixes were used to send to MCees - El Da Sensei and Sadat X replied first.

Having enough material for 2 albums, Son Of Sam picked what they wanted to represent to release the first album, a limited edition 2LP of 300 copies on Tea Sear Records, housed in picture sleeve.

Order: www.sonofsammusic.bandcamp.com

A: Intro ft. John Robinson
A: Continuation ft. J-Live
A: Across The Bridge ft. El Da Sensei, Sadat X
A: Trees For The Jungle ft. Sabina Jade, Black Opera
A: Mal Liquor ft. Fat Ray, Guilty Smipson
B: Put It On Ya ft. Mr. Thing, Soundsci
B: Fighting Talk ft. Blaise B, Lifford
B: Flying Fist ft. Prince Po
B: Deep Breath ft. James Bufford
B: Moose python ft. Dumbtron

C: Coastin' ft. John Robinson
C: Soothsayers ft. Black Opera
C: System Animal ft. Denmark Vessey
C: The Life And Death Of Phenomenal Don ft. Quelle Chris
D: Come A Long Way ft. Large Professor, Masta Ace
D: Forward March 7even Thirty, Oxygen
D: That's Facts ft. Audessey, Denmark Vessey, Edo.G, John Robinson, Oxygen, Prince Po, Reks, U-George, YU

Produced by Tom Caruana
Drums by John Sam
Bass & Guitars by Joe Sam

My special thanks goes to John & Joe Sam, Tom Caruana & Tea Sea and all artists featured on the album. Shout out to Slice Of Spice for the 7" single release last year. All copyrights reserved, posted for promotion use only.