Subway Hip Hop: SHHR-005 ft. T-Max

From Chicago, DJ 3rd Rail and his"Subway Hip Hop Records" present Boston MCee "T-Max".

Vinyl release #5 features three different versions of "Tell Me What The Truth Is" produced and remixed by Branesparker of the Freestyle Professors, DJ Tren for Street Wyze and DJ Diamond Kut also from Chicago.

As a bonus the 12" has all instrumental versions on the flip. This is some dope boom bap hip hop.

A: DJ Tren Original
A: Branesparker Remix
A: DJ Diamond Kut Remix
B: DJ Tren Instrumental
B: Branesparker Instrumental
B: DJ Diamond Kut Instrumental

Order: (Jan '19)
Listen: coming soon

My special thanks goes to T-Max, DJ 3rd Rail, Branesparker and all others involved. All copyrights reserved, posted for promotion use only.