Blackhouse: BH999107 ft. Ras Kass

"Soul On Ice 2" begins with the release of "The Leaks", a limited to 500 copies pressed 7" vinyl edition.

The black wax record contains 2 exclusive unreleased tracks, and their 2 instrumental versions. It comes in picture jacket that folds out into an 8"x14" poster of a watercolor painting designed by Alex WuKang.

Each record comes with an embossed gold seal, personally addressed to each customer by name, hand-numbered, and signed by Ras Kass.

A: SIO3 ft. K-Rino, Big Twins, GODfather
A: SIO3 (Instrumental)
B: Featuring Myself
B: Featuring Myself (Instrumental)

Produced by Apollo Brown


My special thanks goes to Ras Kass, Apollo Brown, Blackhouse and all featured artists involved. All copyrights reserved, posted for promotion use only.