Back2DaSource: 133-000B2DS ft. Various Artists

After Narcotik previously released this year B2DS goes back to Seattle for the release of an amazing compilation from around 1996: Tribal Music Inc. - Do The Math (A Tribal Compilation) is full of soulful, jazzy productions  by Vitamin D & DJ Topspin.

For the first time on wax after more than 22 years, this remastered version with the 24 Bit analog additional vinyl mastering by our truly great brother Noiseman a.k.a. Big Noise (B Flatts Producer).

The 2LP gatefold edition with insert brings more than 70 minutes of true hip-hop and is limited to 300 copies pressed only.

A: T.H.C. - Intro
A: Phat Mob - Main Attraction
A: Sho Nuff  - Sho Sum Respect
A: Sinsemilla  - Traffic
A: B Self - Eye Listen
A: The Ghetto Chilldren - Who's Listening

B: Chile & Vitamin D - Earth Girlz R EZ
B: Infinite - The Truth Hurts ft. Los
B: T-Dog & D-Uneek - (Interlude)
B: The Ghetto Chilldren - N's don't L
B: The Crew Clockwise Rap Capsule
B: Topspin - Do The Math ft B-Self, Samson S, Poetry, Vitamin D, H-Bomb, Truth, Shahrazad, Blak, Infinite, E-Wreck

C: Infinite & C-Note - Interlucifer
C: Union Of Opposites - What's It Worth
C: Phat Mob - Wrong Numbers
C: Rob Brewer & Samon S - Solider (Intro)
C: Samson S - Solider ft. H-Bomb
C: T.H.C. - Temporary Insanity

D: Narcotik - Game Of Checkers
D: Shahrazad - Game Show
D: Wordsayer & Blah - The Shining
D: Infinite - Schoolin' Em
D: H-Bomb - Sinsebility
D: The Ghetto Chilldren - Equilibrium


My special thanks goes to B2DS and all artists, producers and involved people in this project. All copyrights reserved, posted for promotion use only.