Hip Hop Enterprise: HHE-002 ft. Soul Kid Klik

The Soul Kid Klik is a crew that was founded by the legendary G-Clef Da Mad Komposa in the mid 90's. The members are from different boroughs of NYC.

In 1996 / '97 the Soul Kid Klik released three 12"s with the underground hits "Mortal Combat" and "Desperate Times". Later in 2001 they finally dropped their full length album on CD but the vinyl release was pending until today.

The wait is over and the LP is finally available, limited to 300 copies only.

Order: www.hiphopenterprise.bandcamp.com

A: Mortal Combat
A: Desperate Times
A: I Want Him Dead
A: Masters Of The Game
A: The Demon
A: Spark Da Mic

B: Cop-N-Go
B: You Don't Know Me
B: U-N-I Verse
B: What Is The Essence Of A Soul Kid
B: Mortal Combat (Remix)
B: Desperate Times (Remix)

My special thanks goes to Michel at HHE and the Soul Kid Klik. All copyrights reserved, posted for promotion use only.