Back2DaSource: 128-B2B-B2DS ft. B-Flatt

B-Flatt releases his album "Back To Basics" finally on wax joining forces with Back2DaSource Records.

The 16 tracks strong 2LP album, originally recorded in 1996, comes with printed inner sleeves and is limited to 300 copies.

On top of that it has an unreleased track to it that only appeared on a very rare promo CD from back then. This is jazzy and soulful production by Noiseman.

A: MC's MC's MC's
A: Back To Basics
A: Now The Purpose
A: Much Respect
B: Like This Like That
B: What Can U Dooo?
B: Best Of Success
B: Type Of Place To Raise Kids

C: Niggas Know I Drop
C: Mind State
C: To The Beat Y'All
C: Crushed By Your Dreams
D: One Fo The Money
D: Gonna Miss Me
D: Words Untold
D: All The Time Sunshine (unreleased)

Also check order page for joining a contest around the record, cassette & t-shirt release.

My special thanks goes to B-Flatt and Back2DaSource Records. All copyrights reserved, posted for promotion use only.