Back2DaSource: 122- / 129-000B2DS ft. Sham & The Professor / Speedknotz

Another two new releases from the era of Brussels in cooperation with the US artists "Sham & The Professor" and "Speedknotz".

"Sham & The Professor" presents "The Warrior EP" on 10" vinyl consisting of 3 unreleased tracks from the 90's and it remembers to his "Split Personalities LP" released in 1994. RIP to Brotha Scratch.

A: Warriors Anthem
B: Drop Zone
B: Warriors Party

The other release comes from New York with The Speedknotz aka War Bixby and Edygoldoe.  The "Remember EP" is a classic release from 1998 and is a today hard to find indie sure shot. The 12" EP repress also features the instrumentals versions and so makes it to 9 tracks in total including a bonus unreleased gem from 1999.

A: Jealousy & Envy
A: Jealousy & Envy (Instrumental)
A: Knotz Landing
A: Knotz Landing (Instrumental)

B: The Zone
B: The Zone(Instrumental)
B: Remember Me
B: Remember Me (Instrumental)
B: No Retreat (Unreleased)

The records are available in limited edition and available in a bundle deal. My special thanks goes to Back2DaSource, Speedknot and Sham & The Professor. All copyrights reserved, posted for promotion use only.