Chopped Herring: CH1LLCON5002 ft. Ill Conscious

In 2015 Chopped Herring dropped the debut LP "The Essence" by Ill Conscious followed by a 7" in 2016. Check the labels at the end of the post if you haven't recognized the earlier releases. 

The man from Baltimore is back with his 2nd album project entitled "The Prerequisite LP". With support from various producers and turntablists ten jazzy hip-hop tracks made it on the new album. But also featured MCs like Guy Grams help to rock the mic. 

The LP is limited to 500 copies - the first 120 copies come on crystal clear vinyl - the remaining 380 are on traditional black wax.

A: Capital Investments
A: Foreign Relations ft. Papitas Freestyle
A: Over The Seas
A: Your Majesty ft. Supreme Cerebral
A: The Testament
B: Everyday
B: The Narrative ft. Jay Royale
B: Vibe Vibrations ft. Yung Miss
B: Created Appeal ft. Guy Grams
B: Clyde Drexler

Produced by Marshtini, Hi Cees, Math-Mic, B-Sun, Kyo Itachi, Too North, Eyedee, Wisdom Beats
Cuts by DJ Grazzhoppa, DJ Dacel, Math-Mic, DJ TMB, DJ Audas

My special thanks goes to Ill Conscious, Chopped Herring and all artists featured on the LP.