Back2DaSource: 125-000B2DS ft. Natives In Black

In 1991 / 1992 the Natives In Black released their album "Can't Come Close".  The group from Bronx consists of 45, Brother K.G., Maxx-1, Rusty Pendleton, Tank Dawg and Murder One, while the last two you might also know from the group "Henchmen".

With support from the label "Dust & Dope Recordings" who released the CD-Version last year, the vinyl format is finally reissued on Back2DaSource as limited edition of 300 copies pressed.


A1: Boston's In The House
A2: Young With Soul
A3: Hip To The Game
A4: Dopastetics
A5: Rolling Strong
A6: Little Ditty

B1: Can't Come Close
B2: Woman Beater
B3: Act Of Violence
B4: Dope Stuff
B5: Shot Gun Blast
B6: Don't Look

Artwork by Hellee Hooper
Mastering by Propo 88 (Da Shogunz)

My special thanks goes to Natives In Black, Bee at B2DS, Dust&Dope and Marwan. All copyrights reserved, posted for promotion use only.