HHV: HHV-705 ft Soulbrotha (12 Finger Dan)

"Moment Der Wahrheit" (engl. Moment Of Truth) is the new concept album from the producer duo "Soulbrotha" which consists of "12 Finger Dan" and "B-Base" outta Hamburg, Germany.

To pay homage to the Gang Starr 90's classic "Moment Of Truth", their buddy DJ Premier and the legendary Guru (R.I.P.) Soulbrotha selected 12 tracks and dug for the original samples to flip them differently and so create new beats but of course in the original boom bap style.

On the MIC they got support from a long list of German heavyweight MCees.

My recommendation to the world: despite the language, make sure to grab this sure shot, enjoy the vibe and flip the instrumental skits on side D.

"Moment Der Wahrheit" is limited to 300 copies on traditional black wax!!! Exclusive !!! Expecting many people need doubles you know how fast this will go.

Order/Listen: www.hhv.de

A: Alles Andere Ist Gelogen ft. Sleepwalker
A: Soap Opera ft. Petschino
A:Was Ich Zu Sagen Hab ft. C-Raze
A:Die Essenz ft. David Pe. (Main Concept)
A: Trautes Heim ft. Mr. Chrizze (Funkverteidiger)

B: Bis Du Das Level Erreichst ft. P!jay
B: Die Entschädigung ft. Thor74
B: HH Geradeaus ft. Eljot Quent
B: Primadonna Flowking ft. Meckie Berlinutz
B: Der Frust Ist Kein Nichtschwimmer ft. Johnny Katharsis

C: Die Formel ft. Balance
C: Über Den Wolken ft. MC Sadri
C: Egal Wie Schnell Du Rennst ft. Forty Mc & SMA
C: Moment Der Wahrheit ft. SirPreiss
C: Furzgesicht
D: Alles Andere Ist Gelogen (Instrumental Skit)
D: Soap Opera (Instrumental Skit)
D: Was Ich Zu Sagen Hab (Instrumental Skit)
D: Die Essenz (Instrumental Skit)
D: Trautes Heim (Instrumental Skit)
D: Bis Du Das Level Erreichst (Instrumental Skit)
D: Die Entschädigung (Instrumental Skit)
D: HH Geradeaus (Instrumental Skit)
D: Primadonna Flowking (Instrumental Skit)
D: Der Frust Ist Kein Nichtschwimmer (Instrumental Skit)
D: Die Formel (Instrumental Skit)
D: Über Den Wolken (Instrumental Skit)
D: Egal Wie Schnell Du Rennst (Instrumental Skit)
D: Moment Der Wahrheit (Instrumental Skit)
D: Furzgesicht (Instrumental Skit)

My special thanks goes to Soulbrotha, my broh 12 Finger Dan and HHV. All copyrights reserved, posted for promotion use only.