F5 / Red Apples 45: ft. MC Eiht & O.C.

DJ Crucial with F5 Records and Ray West with Red Apples 45 collaborate on this limited split 7" release.

Starting with the A-side we have a track of MC Eiht's track "Live I Choose" in two mixes. The flip-side has two mixes of O.C.'s track “Legacy Flag”. 

This is a small run of black vinyl on 45rpm with hype sticker jacket.

A: Live I Choose (Ray West Remix)
A: Live I Choose (OG Crucial Edit)
B: Legacy Flag (Crucial Remix)
B: Legacy Flag (OG Ray West)

My special thanks goes to Crucial, Ray West, MC Eiht, and O.C. All copyrights reserved, posted for promotion use only.