F5: ft. Unity Never Fails (Shorty Live)

Before linking up with the Alps Cru in the mid-90s Shorty Live aka Brank Napp recorded some demos with Unity Never Fails (UNF), his crew in his native Brooklyn.

On the ALPS Cru classic “Just Can’t Explain” Shorty name checks his hometown crew in the line, “Droppin’ science, headin’ into 5th gear with my alliance ... The Dime Squad, ALPS, UNF so save your breath.”

F5 Records proudly presents a 7” of new material from UNF housed in jacket with hype sticker. This double-A banger features “Corner House Politics”, produced by Jeff Webb and “The Story of Willie Bosket”, produced by DJ Crucial.

A: Corner House Politics
AA: The Story of Willie Bosket

Order: www.f5records.com

My special thanks goes to F5 and Shorty Live aka Brank Napp. All copyrights reserved, posted for promotion use only.