Back2DaSource: 126-206B2DS ft. Narcotik

Tizzy T and C-Note aka The Notework are "Narcotik". The Seattle duo released their debut album "Intro To The Central" in 1995 but the few vinyl and tape formats are almost impossible to find.

Back2DaSource Records re-releases the album that is dedicated to Taj aka Tizzy T who lost his life in a house fire in 2011. RIP

The album was entirely produced by Seattle based MC, DJ and beat maker Vitamin D and DJ Topspin. Grab a CD version with 11 tracks or the 8 track strong vinyl version.

A: All The Time
A: Intro To The Central
A: Game Of Checkers
A: Crushin' Crooz

B: All Up In Mix
B: Chips To A Cell
B: Literally Sauced
B: Urlin' The Morning

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My special thanks goes to Narcotik, Vitamin D, DJ Topspin and Back2DaSource. RIP Tizzy T. All copyrights reserved, posted for promotion use only.