Baby Steps Hip Hop: BSHH-009 ft. Pseudo Slang

Along with the release of "Hardscrabble", the upcoming LP of Chicago's hip-hop duo Pseudo Slang it's that perfect opportunity to introduce the Emcee Sick and DJ Form to the followers of Stitch By Stitch.

Fat Beats released their album in vinyl debut "We'll Keep Looking" in 2009.

In 2011 the duo released a single with two tracks "Feelin / Cyclical" on limited edition green 7" vinyl followed by a 12" edition featuring 3 tracks incl. the 7" b-side as lead track.

In 2014 along with a European tour they collaborated with ThinkLoud Records in Leipzig, Germany to release the more obscure 7" single "Cool Letter Man / Debt & Danger".


The new album contains 10 tracks and comes with full color picture sleeve as limited edition of 250 copies. The release date is scheduled for May/June.

A: Minor Fly Intro
A: Feel Me Remix
A: Any Other Place
A: Dark Gracious
A: BBQ & A Flic
B: Aloe In The Hallways
B: Butterlude
B: Estetiks
B: Just Talk
B: Tomorroutro


My special thanks goes to Pseudo Slang. All copyrights reserved, posted for promotion use only.