45 Live: 45L7005 ft. M-Tri & DJ Leecy T

"According to The Village Voice, M-TRI & DJ Leecy T have the ‘energy and style that’s made them mainstays of the New York underground.’ The Source magazine has named DJ Leecy T, one of ‘10 Female Hip Hop DJs Keeping The Culture Alive.’ M-TRI & DJ Leecy T are breaking down the walls of obscurity with their fresh boom bap sound and distinct style of hip-hop." [source]

M-Tri is an MC, producer and DJ crafting acrobatic rhymes filled with clever subject matter, wordplay, punchlines and metaphors over a vicious flow. Leecy T won the award for "Best New DJ" at the 2009 Rapathon.

Together they digitally released their boom-bap hip-hop album "Monday Morning Music" in 2015. When the guys from 45Live heard "She’s The DJ, He’s The MC" they decided that music this good has to be pressed on vinyl and so they took two tracks for this 45RPM.

A: She's The DJ, He's The MC
B: Trading Places

Limited edition of 200 copies, just a handful left at the 45Live store.

Order: www.45liverecords.bandcamp.com

My special thanks goes to M-Tri, DJ Leecy T and 45Live Records. All copyrights reserved, posted for promotion use only.