Crate Escape / World Expo: CEWE-7001 ft. Soundsci & Supastition

Crate Escape and World Expo join forces for this brand new 7" with guest MCees Audessey and Ollie Teeba from Soundsci plus on the flip having Supastition, Yamin Semali and Simms Serenade on the mic.

For the beats Bambu De Asiatic from Atlanta Georgia (Collective Efforts crew) and Croup took responsibility.

A: Fresh Daily ft. Audessey & DJ Ollie Teeba
B: The Good Life ft. Supastition, Yamin Semali & Simms Serenade

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My special thanks goes to Cro at Crate Escape, the Soundsci Fam at World Expo and all producers and guest MCees. All copyrights reserved, posted for promotion use only.