Smoke On: SOR-1014-1 ft. Innersoul

"Beware of the new world order" stated Innersoul when he released "The Theory" in 1996 on cassette tape and CD. At the same time he dropped the 12" single "It's The Right Time" on Mix-It-Up Records.

In cooperation with Smoke On Records the album gets a proper vinyl release for the first time and it's 16 tracks strong including two bonus tracks.

The LP, limited to 500 copies, is scheduled for a delivery in March 2018 and rumors say there will be another vinyl release with more songs from his early discography soon.

A: What About Your Soul
A: How Ya Gonna Do It
A: It's The Right Time
A: Looking For Survival
A: Recognize
A: Whoiszim
A: Rooftop
A: Jump On It
A: All The Way To Music

B: What Is It (Jazz Or Hip-Hop)
B: A Different Type Of Brother
B: Young & Ready
B: It's The Right Time Remix
B: The Theory Of Zen
B: Tragic (Bonus)
B: Wondering (Bonus)


My special thanks goes to Innersoul and Smoke On Records. All copyrights reserved, posted for promotion use only.