Chopped Herring: CH5ELEMENTZ02 ft. 5-Elementz

In August Chopped Herring Records released unearthed J-Dilla material dropping the first 5-elementz EP. Only 2 months later CHR is back in Detroit for some more rare Jay Dee heavyweights from the 90's - a previously cassette only release and now on vinyl straight from the OG DATs.

The "Album Time Forgot EP" is limited to 500 copies pressed - the first 100 copies come on white mint coloured vinyl - the next 100 copies come on red, black, clear coloured vinyl - the remaining 300 are on traditional black wax.

A1: Whutchawant
A2: Rockshows
A3: Response To Madness
B2: Crazee
B3: Get Off My (Live Basement)

Vocals by Mudd, Proof, Thyme
Produced by Jay Dee, DJ Dez, Da' Enna C

My special thanks goes to 5-Elementz and Chopped Herring Records. RIP J-Dilla. All copyrights reserved, posted for promotion use only.