Year Round: YR-BSM-808 ft. MC Eiht

MC Eiht is a true West Cost hip-hop veteran from Compton, California. As a member of "Compton's Most Wanted" or as soloist he released more than 20 albums and a vast number of singles. His vinyl release discography goes back to 1989 and it continues until today.

His latest album "Which Way Iz West" was built in conjunction with the legendary DJ Premier (Gang Starr) and his label Year Round Records. With vinyl project management by Slice Of Spice Records the album comes also in 2LP format, 100 copies on white vinyl exclusively sold via DJ Premier's own webshop "Premier Wuz Here!". The black vinyl edition, limited to 350 copies, should be available at some record stores.

A1: Shut Em Down ft. The Outlaws
A2: Represent Like This ft. DJ Premier, WC
A3: Compton Zoo ft. DJ Premier
A4 Heart Cold ft. The Lady Of Rage
B1: Pass Me By ft. B-Real
B2: Runn The Blocc (Remix) ft. Maylay
B3: Gangsta Gangsta ft. Kurupt

C1: Got That
C2: Medicate ft. Xzibit
C3: Born To Hustle ft. Big Mike,  J. Starr
C4: Sittin' Around Smokin'
D1: As I Proceed
D2: Last Ones Left ft. Compton's Most Wanted, DJ Premier
D3: 4 Tha OG'z ft. Bumpy Knuckles
D4: You Nia'z

Produced by Brenk and DJ Premier


My special thanks goes to MC Eiht, DJ Premier & Year Round, Richard & Slice Of Spice, Brenk as well as all featured artists. All copyrights reserved, posted for promotion use only.