Used Wax: ft. SuKaFrE (GIT, Mr. Live)

Staten Island producer, GIT aka Git Beats teams up with Brooklyn veteran Mr. Live to form SuKaFrE, a duo rooted in true school underground hip-hop.

Their first new single, "Can't Take It No More" is also the teaser for the forthcoming LP project comes on Git's own label UsedWax.

This 7" release is is limited to 100 copies on blue vinyl, housed in full color picture sleeve. With your purchase you get free access to the "Get Mad, Turn Green" digital EP.

A: Can't Take It No More
B: Can't Take It No More (Instr.)
B: Can't Take It No More (Acap.)

Produced by Git Beats


My special thanks goes to GIT and Mr. Live. All copyrights reserved, posted for promotion use only.