Rekognition: RR-001 ft. Planet Of The Fakes

Planet Of The Fakes are Mr. Tibbz, Inzaine, Mr. Morph and Sinista. Together they released a long list of digital albums and the vinyl debuts "Beneath The Planet Of The Fakes" and "Please Don't Feed The Animals" on Britcore Rawmance in 2013.

The new Planet Of The Fakes LP "Shadow of The Lunatic" starts with a statement on the picture sleeve: "If You Are Listening To This You Are The Resistance".

What you can expect from this LP are 12 real Britcore tracks, what you can expect is simply barnstorming, hardcore and relentless hip-hop with features from the like of Iceski (T.C.M.), Exile or DJ Tones.

A: Sic ft. DJ Kura
A: Sicker Than Sick ft. DJ Kura
A: The Dramas Here ft. Gambit, DJ Tones
A: Re-Ignite The Mic ft. Kid Lyrical, Alikazam, Exile, Iceski DJ Highfly
A: Def Intellect ft. DJ Tones
A: Intruders ft. DJ Tones

B: Proper Nuttas ft. Blades, DJ Tones, DJ Kura, DJ Morph
B: Rise Of The Lunatic
B: Fron Another Planet ft. Suicide Petch
B: Rhyme Animal
B; Dose Of The Lethal ft. DJ Morph
B: You Are The Resistance ft. DJ Kura


My special thanks goes to Plante Of The Fakes, Rekognition Records and all featured artists. Special shout out to Mr. Tibbz. All copyrights reserved, posted for promotion only.