Back2DaSource: 120-000B2DS ft. Jam Dot / Da Ooh!

This is a conceptual release from Queens, NYC by Jam DOT and Da Ooh! (Jam & Kwota).

First of all we have the 6 best unreleased and never heard before tracks from Jam DOT combined to create the "Da Original Troopa EP", all tracks produced by Jam DOT himself.

The second part of this 2LP is a re-release of the very rare "The Chemistry" 12inch by Da Ooh! (Jam, Kwota) plus three demos from their early 90's material. 

The 2LP comes in gate fold cover and is limited to 300 copies. 

Jam Dot side:
A: On Top
A: Off To The Races
A: Flashers
B: On Point 
B: The Hustle
B: Gravity

Da Ooh! side:
C: The Chemistry (Vocal Version)
C: Watch Out (Dirty Version)
C: The Chemistry (Instrumental)
D: Weh Ah Dae (Unreleased Demo)
D: This Is How (Unreleased Demo)
D: Act Like You (Unreleased Demo)

My special thanks goes to Jam Dot, Kwota and Bee @ Back2DaSource Records. All copyrights reserved, posted for promotion use only.