Freitag, 16. Juni 2017

B-Line: BLN-023 ft. Various

Every now and then B-Line Recordings drums up friends and collaboration partners to record and release an EP that truly represents the sound of this great UK based label.

The 4th edition of this EP series delivers 10 tracks on black wax housed in the traditional stickered sleeve - after orange, purple and yellow-green - #4 is designed with a blue label.

Check out the high number of features in the track list below.

A: One For The Road ft. El Eye, The Printers Devil
A: Painkiller ft. Chrome, Illinspired, Whirlwind D, Super JB
A: The Element ft. JabbaThaKut, The Terrible
A: Mad Wild ft. Beattrix, Native Styles
A: Everlasting ft. DJ Tones, T.S. One

B: Crew Dominance ft. Crease, Uncle Mic Nitro, JabbaThaKut
B: Syllable Killer ft. Jebbarish
B: Not A Love Song ft. Specifik, Project Cee
B: The VOMB Squad ft. Junior Disprol, Chud Jackson
B: Impossible ft. Cosm, JabbaThaKut


My special thanks goes to B-Line Recordings and all artists involved in the project. All copyrights reserved, posted for promotion use only.

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