Donnerstag, 23. März 2017

Menteroja / Vinyl-Digital: Various ft. Mentoroja & AK420

Menteroja is an eMCee from the southern part of Sweden. He grew-up with Hip-Hop and started rappin' in 1997 when school mates asked him to join a jam after school. While he started to get interested in politics, he thought that Hip-hop was the perfect way to share some thoughts and so he took the name Menteroja (esp: "mente roja" = "red mind": eng) after getting kicked out of parties for talking politics.

In 2002 Menteroja released his demo CD "The Day" followed by his 12" vinyl debut "Rebellion Exercise" b/w "Indoor Metaphor". Since then his discography extended pretty fast with loads of tape and vinyl releases. Check out Menteroja's bandcamp and what you can expect is powerful rap on sample based beats - true boom bap!

His newest release is a collaboration with German producer AK420 who recently released his instrumental project "EXPEDITion Vol. 15: 420 Ways To Die But The Weed Ain't One" on Vinyl Digital. For AK420 it all began in 2002 when he played a drum kit for the first time. Since then he knew, that playing music was and will be his passion. Throughout the years he played for several metal bands. In 2015 influenced by 90’s golden era Hip-Hop, his goal was to create a unique style combining Jazz-driven samples with heavy hitting drums. Check out AK420's bandcamp.

Menteroja (Vinyl Headz):
  • Rebellion Exercise b/w Indoor Metaphor (12", 2002)
  • Still Breathing b/w Ho Chi Minh Style (7", 2003)
  • Street Art & Street Science (LP, 2007)
  • Yankilandia ​/​ Analogue Circuit (7", 2013)
  • Boom Bap For The Fighting Subject (LP, 2016) with Johnik
  • Righteous Villains (LP, 2017) with AK420
Menteroja (Tape Headz):
  • Class Rules Everything Around Me (Tape, 2012)
  • Blind Vision (Tape, 2015) with Johnik
AK420 (Vinyl Headz):
  • EXPEDITion Vol. 15 (LP, 2017)
  • Righteous Villains (LP, 2017) with Menteroja

My special thanks goes to Menteroja, AK420, Johnik and everybody involved in those great releases promoted in this blogpost. All copyrights reserved, posted for promotion use only. 

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