Montag, 13. Februar 2017

Various: Interview With Doc TMK

I promised two new interviews on the blogspot and I hope you enjoyed the one with Specifik from B-Line Recordings. Today I like to welcome producer Doc TMK on Stitch By Stitch blogspot.

SBS: Fab, welcome on Stitch By Stitch. We have seen lots of new releases from you and DJ Suspect recently so I am very pleased to have you here for a short interview. Please introduce yourself and tell us about your connection to DJ Suspect.

Doc TMK: So in 2008, I saw DJ Suspect mix for the first time at a party organized as part of a birthday of the Zulu Nation, he mixed with DJ Revolution and Bambaataa. In the queue, before entering the box, I met Ludo, the friend of DJ Moar, who distributed flyers, followed a discussion with Ludo, who told me about the label Trad Vibe, DJ Moar and Leo (Suspect) who was signed on the label. A little later I went to parties organized by Moar and then I sympathized with Suspect. The idea of collaborating together did not come to us before 2012.

SBS: On Facebook I saw your statement "Doc TMK is a 45 maniac" and indeed almost all of your latest releases came on 7" vinyl. Is 7" your preferred format?

Doc TMK: Let's say this is the most economical format to release two titles today, if you want to do that well, in the Hip Hop Game. Maniac, because Suspect and I have put a lot on it and in a few years we have released a number of them. As a "digger", I have a collection of beatmakers, a lot of LPs of all styles of music that I use for sampling. For deejays, the 7 inch is very effective, if you want to do without a Serato. The crew 45 Live of which Suspect demonstrates well, you play your bangers, oldies or novelties, with a little technique you can return a set. Suspect, Format, and others do that well. My collection is more focused on LP as I sample and a LP bought at random will offer you always more opportunities to find a loop than a 45. But the 7 inch has become the perfect format for self-production, release records and be played in the underground Rap culture.

SBS: We see Doc TMK collaborating with many different labels like Dinked/Random Rap, Dusty Platter, Radio Krimi or Luhna. How did it came to those collaborations?

Doc TMK: Luhna is my label. The other connections were made in the course of time, Leo (Suspect) contributed a lot, it is a chance to have released several discs even if things have not always been ideal. Radio Krimi ... Let's say that I got a little bit of a stirrup at Seb (DJ Krimi) so that it is organized in label, with a first very boom bap 90s. Since DJ Krimi is perfecting himself as a producer and he is doing really well.

SBS: From an MC point of view you collaborated a lot with Emskee from The Good People but also with Finsta or Andy Cooper. Were those features initiated by yourself or the labels you work with and with whom would you like to collaborate in the future?

Doc TMK: Connections can come from everywhere, emcees can come from different schools, just like the singers for that matter, from different towns. Only importance, know how to ask. No illegitimate children.

SBS: What can we expect from you next, any exclusive hints for us on Stitch By Stitch?
Doc TMK: My album "Jus Do !T" that we push deeply with DJ Krimi is for 2017. We have invested a lot in it.

SBS: Fab, thank you very much. I am sure everyone here has supported at least one of your release projects and if not I can only recommend to follow this link and grab as many of your releases as possible even if some are pressed in limited quantities. Take care and let's keep in touch. Also thanks to Seb from Radio Krimi for supporting this interview!

Doc TMK: Thx Mytee, Peace my man! One Love ... and don't forget "Jus Do !t" LP (2017 - Radio Krimi Records)

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