Freitag, 3. Februar 2017

Back2DaSource: 119-000B2DS ft. Rascalz

Back2DaSource 10th vinyl release is the official vinyl version of Rascalz album "Cash Drop". Indeed, 20 years ago they put out their second album called "Cash Crop". This album is considered as one of the best 90's canadian Hip Hop LPs and was certified gold at the time. That said it had never been put on vinyl and no official vinyl release before, except the rare promo one, so this one really deserved a proper release.

That's why 20 years later we glad to bring you this exclusive 20th anniversary version of this classic album. Full artwork cover, 2LP gatefold, comes with silver sticker and exclusive instrumentals versions of "Temptation", "A Way With Words" and the demo version of "Northern Touch".

Only 300 copies pressed!

A: Temptation
A: Solitaire (Remix)
A: Dreaded Fist
A: Soul Obligation
A: Clockwork
B: A Way With Words
B: FitnRedi
B: No Idea
B: Chat Bout
C: Mood Swings
C: Blind Wid The Science
C: Shock Therapy
C: Nothern Touch
D: Solitaire
D: Temptation (Instrumental)
D: A Way With Words (Instrumental)
D: Northern Touch (Og Demo Version)

My special thanks goes to Back2DaSource Records and Rascalz. All copyrights reserved, posted for promotion use only. 

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