Dienstag, 21. Februar 2017

2NX: 2NX007 ft. Soundsci

Most sample diggers will recognise a Boosey & Hawkes Recorded Music Library sleeve on their tours immediately ... however, the Cavendish Music archive, of which they are part, remains one of the least chartered non-commercial music catalogues among producers.

"Non-commercial" is no longer the case, thanks to veteran beatsmiths Jonny Cuba (Dynamic Syncopation) and Ollie Teeba (The Herbaliser), and their army of emcees. "My Boosey Weighs A Ton" is an album sampled wholly from the Cavendish archive. This makes a perfect follow up to 2011’s Soundsational LP on Ubiquity, for which Soundsci gained the blessing of Mike James Kirkland to sample his rich back catalogue.

Cavendish and Soundsci are two forces leading the way in building relationships between the sampler and the sampled. In 2014 Cavendish Music welcomed a select group of five producers into their vinyl archive. Soundsci’s Jonny Cuba was one of the lucky few, and Soundsci were one of 25 artists who sampled and remixed the material for WhoSampled’s first ‘Samplethon’.

A: My Boosey Weighs A Ton
A: Hunger Pains
A: Ole Saying Goes
A: Tug Of War
A: Drugs, Guns & Economics
A: Thaddeus Brown

B: Written In Stone
B: Intelligence
B: Relationship
B: Chimichunga
B: Dust & Decay

Bonus: DG&E Remix (digital only)

My special thanks goes to 2NX, Ollie Teeba, Jonny Cuba and the whole Soundsci. All copyrights reserved, posted for promotion use only.

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