Donnerstag, 22. Dezember 2016

Gentleman's Relief: GRR-027 ft. Nick Wiz

Gentleman's Relief Records and producer Nick Wiz present "Cellar Selections 7". The long-running vinyl series from New Jersey production mastermind Nick Wiz delivers another 22 classic tracks from 1992 - 2000. 

The 2LP is a limited edition of 300 black vinyl copies coming in stickered sleeve. 


A: Shadowz In Da Dark - Crystal Dreams
A: Ran Reed - Makin' Power Moves
A: Vee O - Amazonian Queen
A: Dizaster - Losin' My Mind
A: Mad House - Young Girls are Jingling
B: Shadowz In Da Dark ft. Shabaam - Ready 4 The War
B: Emskee - Bring It
B: Pudgee - Love Changes
B: Phantasm - Back to Basics
B: Unknown - Here It Goes

C: APB - I'm Steamin'
C: Pudgee w/ Wild Child & Hostile - Guns In Da Air
C: Nautilus - The Rain
C: Chaunce Lover - You Can't Trust 'Em
C: Mad House - The Boom Bip
C: Gauge - Step In The Ring
D: Ran Reed - Murderous Flow (1st Remix)
D: Emskee - Don't Gamble With Your Life
D: Quannie - Uplifted
D:  N-Tyce - I'm N-Tyce
D: Shabaam Sahdeeq - Knockin' Heads
D: Lord Have Mercy - Ice Cream

My special thanks goes to Nick Wiz, Gentleman's Relief and artists featured on this LP. All copyrights reserved, posted for promotion use only.

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