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Crooked Cat: CCR005 ft. Mark Sparks

From Wadesboro, North Carolina comes Mark Sparks. He produced for Mic Geronimo, King Tee, Grand Puba, Guru's Jazzmatazz, Special Ed, Nice & Smooth, Craig G and many more.

While Mark was producing tracks for 90s legends and establishing himself as a well known engineer and producer, he still took time to work with several unknown cats from North Carolina and so the "Kakalaka Raw" compilation was born.

Originally the album was released in 1996 on CD and tape only but now - 20 years later - it's time for the vinyl debut with the support from German's Crooked Cat Records.

"Kakalaka Raw" is limited to 350 2LP copies on black vinyl. The record comes with full printed picture cover and 60cmx60cm poster inside. Also CCR has 150 CDs and 100 tapes with 3 bonus tracks from the Soho Crew.

A: The Soho Crew - Nawf Karlina Boyz
A: The True Foundation - Stay Awake
A: The True Foundation - Complex Forms & Fashions
A: The Soho Crew & Puerto Rock - Kakalaka Raw!
B: Lady Keem - Keema Therapy
B: Puerto Rock - Game Mobbers
B: The Wide Awake Contingent - Bad Habits

C: Laquan - It Don't Stop
C: Puerto Rock - Mamagetto
C: Darc Jaf - Radio Active
C: The True Foundation - Heavily Armed
D: Puerto Rock - Ace-Duce-Tre
D: The Soho Crew - Southern Relaxation
D: Lower Level - We Serve You (Beats & Treats)

CD & Tape Bonus Tracks:


My special thanks goes to Mark Sparks and Crooked Cat Records. All copyrights reserved, posted for promotion use only. 

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