Freitag, 7. Oktober 2016

Cold Rock Stuff / Soundweight: CRS-SWR001 ft. Phill Most Chill

The Soulman "Phill Most Chill" and producer Mac McRaw present "No Rap, No Crap" in the "2005 Raw Rock It To Me Remix" version and press it deep in flat black plastic and then house it in a picture sleeve graphically designed like the 2005 LP "Lo-Fi Theory".

In 2004 Phill gave Mac a few tracks from the Lo-Fi sessions including accapella versions of unreleased tracks for a remix project. So this is what we finally have here. The 7" contains vocal and instrumental version. The distribution comes via Kista's "Soundweight Records" label.

A: No Rap, No Crap Remix (Vocal)
B: No Rap, No Crap Remix (Instrumental)


My special thanks goes to Phill Most Chill, Mac McRaw, Cold Rock Stuff and Soundweight Records. All copyrights reserved, posted for promotion use only,

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