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B-Line: Interview With Specifik

It's been a while since the last interview on Stitch By Stitch. This is the first of two interviews for Sep./Oct. but now I'd like to welcome Simon "Specifik" (B-Line) here on the blog.

SBS: Simon, welcome on Stitch By Stitch and thank you very much for taking the time. I know it's a very busy and exciting time because you are about to release your first solo project. Let's start traditionally with an introduction.
Specifik: Thank you and what an honour it is to be included on your blog. For those that don't know me I am Specifik of B-Line Recordings UK, full time DJ, Producer, Writer, Husband and Father of three amazing children.

SBS: Alone in the Stitch By Stitch bookmarks I count 9 releases with your involvement that have been posted on the blog over the past few years, bet there were more. Most of them are probably on your own label imprint "B-Line Recordings". Please introduce B-Line to the audience.

Specifik: B-Line Recordings is an independent record label based in the UK that encompasses all elements of Hip Hop culture. My sole aim is to provide a platform for artists to present their work through the medium of vinyl. This as we all know is the holy grail for any aspiring Hip Hop artist. It is also important for me to be able to promote and distribute products real Hip Hop fans can enjoy.

Shop: www.blinerecordings.bigcartel.com

SBS: Release #21 on B-Line is your solo project "Eighty3". What is the story behind the release title and what makes it different to other releases you have been involved in? 

Specifik: The title was simple as the album reflects my journey in Hip Hop, this started in 1983. For me it was a dream come true to create an album like "Eighty3", it has taken years of hard work with the label and as a producer to get to this point. Not only to be able to not only have the platform to do it but also to have the friendships and mutual respect of the artists involved to allow me to do it. I cant begin to tell you how humbled I am and how fortunate I feel to be able to create it. Most of these guys featured are my heroes, I am a fan of the music first so to be able to call them friends in 2016 is just incredible.

SBS: The list of people involved in "Eighty3" is long and full of friends and companions. Time for some shout outs and maybe a few dirty little secrets?

Specifik: Putting the featured artists to one side for a second, here are some of people who essentially made it possible for me: Matty Tibble worked so hard to bring the product together graphically, the guy is a genius and a good friend. Rola is the man who mixed and mastered the whole album, without a doubt one of the finest engineers in Hip Hop. Dudley aka Whirlwind D for continually flying the B-Line flag, he works hard to push and promote every project. I also have to thank Trevor Dare Loveys, John Dyer, Paul Subtwo, Missing Stewart and Dibz who have all provided incredible artwork for this project. Thank you all . . . Another person who supports everything I do is Shane aka Crease, massive thanks to him as he is so passionate about the label and what were trying to achieve. Dirty secret wise I just cant tell you unless I see you in person! I could say Uncle Mic Nitro is a liability but everyone already knows that !

SBS: ... and Stitch By Stitch ;) ... What more can we expect from Specifik in the next years?

Specifik: I already have a few projects in the pipeline including one with a certain German label. I hope to continue the success of the label and keep flying the flag for Hip Hop in Europe.

SBS: Without a doubt music is an important part of our life but I know that you are also very active in charity. Please tell us what charity you support and how people could possibly donate, I know every Penny counts.

Specifik: I have a beautiful daughter called Neive who has Downs Syndrome, she is my absolute world. The reason we work so hard to raise awareness and money is so parents and children have an opportunity to give their child the best start in life. Children with Downs lives can be improved significantly through various therapy sessions and support which are not available or limited on the UKs NHS. These include speech and language, music therapy and physiotherapy, all of which are essential. The charity I support is called Downright Perfect, if anyone wishes to help through fundraising or donations please 

Email: info@downrightperfect.org

SBS: Simon, thank you very much for all the insights. I wish all the best for you and our family, your label and music activities. We keep in touch.

Specifik: Thank you for taking the time to ask me some questions. I hope you all enjoy "Eighty3" and please do feel free to hit me up on facebook with any feedback or just to say hello. For my friends in Germany, myself Killa Instinct, The Dookie Squad, Project Cee & Whirlwind D will be in Berlin for two dates on the 21st (Kopi) and 22nd October (Cassiopeia).

2nd Photo by: Missing Stewart (I Shot Hip Hop)

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