Donnerstag, 4. August 2016

Chopped Herring: CHD4DDYO01 ft. Junior Mafia / Freestyle Fellowship

In 1993/1994 there were those Junior Mafia Demos that never made it on the album - with the Biggie verses - and you can tell, from the melody of his rhymes, that those verses were most likely written for these beats - never heard, never leaked.

Straight from the vaults of the legendary and often unsung original creator Daddy-O. 

And on the flip - an unreleased Freestyle Fellowship joint from around the same time produced by Stetsasonic's Daddy-O.

The EP is limited to 500 copies - the first 75 copies come on black/clear vinyl - the next 125 copies on silver perl and the remaining 300 are on traditional black wax. 

A1: Junior Mafia ft. Notorious B.I.G. & Lil Kim - If They Don't Die
A2: Junior Mafia ft. Notorious B.I.G.- Steal & Rob
A3: Junior Mafia ft. Notorious B.I.G. - Steal & Rob (Instrumental)
B1: Freestyle Fellowship - 1 Style At A Tyme
B2: Freestyle Fellowship - 1 Style At A Tyme (Instrumental)

All tracks prodcued by Daddy-O

My special thanks goes to Chopped Herring Records, Daddy-O, Junior Mafia and Freestyle Fellowship. All copyrights reserved, posted for promotion use only. 

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