Back2DaSource: 117-000B2DS ft. Pudgee

The "King Of New York" was Pudgee's second unreleased album and was never officially released because of issues between Pudgee and his label. Finally, 21 years later, it's about time to drop this classic LP that many people have on their wantlist. 

B2DS decided to pick the dopest & rarest tracks to fit on 1 LP, the other tracks are easy to get on previous 12s. This is 1995 Boom Bap shit straight from the Bronx limited to 300 copies on traditional black wax. 

A: Barry White (Intro)
A: Whatever
A: Hustler's Anthem
A: Love Somebody Else
A: King Of New York
B: Thing's Ain't Changed
B: Talk Behind Your Back
B: For My Daughter
B: Tha Hold Up

Produced by Nick Wiz, EZ Elpee, Beatminerz and more.

My special thanks goes to B2DS, Pudgee and all producers involved. All copyrights reserved, posted for promotion use only.