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Redefinition Records: RDF-088 / RDF-089 ft. K-Def

Redefinition Records prepares two new instrumental releases of producer K-Def for early 2016: "The Unpredictable Gemini" and "The Way It Was". Each album is available on vinyl individually, or on a CD together.

So much can be said about what he has accomplished throughout his 20 plus year career, but specifically in 2015, K-Defs output and quality have stayed atop the conversation.

"The Unpredictable Gemini" is a fully instrumental opus into the mind and soul of one of hip hop's greatest producers. Born in June (like me), the title and and album cover are a nod to K's zodiac sign, Gemini. The vinyl comes on red/red split colored vinyl.

A: K To The Def (Introduction)
A: A Threat To Society
A: Creeping Out
A: A Message From Biz
A: Almost There
A: Lean Wit’ Me
A: My Funky Soul Experience
A: Driving Around With Da Funk
A: Syncopated Funk
A: Sounds Like … But It’s Not

B: The Day Before The Storm
B: Shakin’ Off The Haters
B: Getting’ Into The Funk
B: On Something (Skit)
B: Untouchable Funk Lesson
B: A Testament To The Craft (Interlude)
B: Trouble In The Garden State
B: A Message From Jim & Larry O
B: Speakers Were Up Loud
B: Reminiscent Of The Golden Era
B: Gotta Get Away ft. Damu The Fudgemunk & AG
B: Outro

A collection of rarities, unheard tracks and a handful of new, vocal collaborations delivers "The Way It Was". Listen to vintage instrumentals from the 90s, some that were used for Lords Of The Underground, Tragedy, Mic Geronimo & others, and that were never released e.g. for  KRS One’s Return of The Boom Bap. The LP also includes vocal collaborations with Blu, Damu The Fudgemunk and AG.

The album comes on blue steel colored vinyl and will be available early January.

A: Uneke Instrumental
A: How Nice I Am Instrumental
A: KRIS Beat ’93
A: For The Family Instrumental
A: The Boys ft. Blu
A: Lord Jazz Hit Me One Time Instrumental

B: Return of The Life - Trag - Instrumental Version
B: Fundamentals (Real Live Remix) - Featuring Blu & Quartermaine - Vocal Version
B: Strawberry Lemonade ft Blu, Damu The Fudgemunk, & Kunal - Vocal Version
B: Some Ole Sah B Shh - Sah B - Instrumental Version
B: What Im After (K-Def Remix) - LOTUG - Instrumental Version


My special thanks goes to K-Def, Redefinition Records and all artists featured on both projects. All copyrights reserved, posted for promotion use only.

Heads-up: coming early 2016 on Redefinition as well:
- RDF-086 ft. Rob O & Pete Rock - So Many Rappers
- RDF-067 ft. Blu & The 45 King - Pocket Full Of Miracles 

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