Freitag, 1. Januar 2016

Self-Released: ft. MC Shinobi

MC Shinobi finally releases his long awaited LP due out in early January. With production ranging from the Canary Islands Mpadrums to London's very own Dan Morze and the up and coming Soe 95. Cover art by Movses89.

This long player is a sureshot banger for Hip-Hop heads worldwide. The album will be available on limited edition vinyl, cassette, CD, and digital.

Vinyl copies are limited to 500 copies - 400 traditional black wax and 100 green transparent. 

A: Intro 
A: Destined (Inside Out Man) 
A: Terror (Soe95) 
A: Just Like That (The Dan Morze Remix) 
A: Kicking Facts (Jimmer-Man) 
A: Back To The Old School (Coat-b) 
B: Absolute Attention (King P Pete) 
B: Feeble Attempts (Monplacebo) 
B: When All Hope Is Lost (Soe95) 
B: Just Like That (Mpadrums Remix) 
B: We Take Our Time (Comcap)


My special thanks goes to MC Shinobi. All copyrights reserved, posted for promotion use only.

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