Sonntag, 6. September 2015

Soundweight: SWR006 ft. Jorun Bombay

Soundweight Records and Jorun Bombay drop their second release together. While the first 7inch "Funky Drummer" sold out in no time the crowd will have an eye on this new installment.

Attention: This record is limited to 300 copies, most probably selling fast - no moaning later, I told ya ;).

A: Break Edit #1
B: Teenburger Remix ft. More Or Les - Pop & Chips

Produced and remixed by Jorun Bombay
Artwork by Mr Krum

Listen: soon

My special thanks goes to Jorun Bombay and Soundweight Records. All copyrights reserved, posted for promotion use only.

Appendix: Sold Out in less than 2 days!!! Check retailers quickly, I've told ya!!!

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