Dienstag, 15. September 2015

KingUnderground: KU-022 ft. Triple Darkness

UK supercrew "Triple Darkness" consists of Cyrus Malachi, Blasphemy, Ray Vendetta, Tesla's Ghost, Crown Nectar, Solar Black, Ringz Ov Saturn, Iron Braydz, Black Prophet, Bad Company and Melanin 9. Fro last-named Stitch By Stitch promoted two releases previously.

On KingUnderground the group releases the 2LP "Darker Than Ever" with picture cover plus a limited bonus 7" as part of a collectors bundle. Check order page in October again to get your hands on this.

Order: www.kingunderground.bigcartel.com

A: Ice Boxes
A: Solid Armour
A: Nuclear Winter
A: Lamented Tears
B: Iron Python
B: A Cup Of Spiders
B: Finger Jab
B: Calligraphy

C: Sankofa
C: Custodians
C: Delta Of Venus
C: Silent Vandals
D: Tabernacle
D: Northern Lights
D: Mosaics
D: Nineteen Eighty Four

My special thanks goes to Triple Darkness and KingUnderground. All copyrights reserved, posted for promotion use only. 

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