Samstag, 26. September 2015

Art Of Rec: AOR-001 ft. Edible Beatz

The very first release of the independent label Art of Rec is now ready for your order: "Record Machine" is a vinyl project of the Edible Beatz crew started by DJ P-Trikz from Amsterdam.

Edible Beatz consist of the three Dutch producers Relski, DJ P-Trikz and Kaisatu.

100 copies are available in clear red, mixed with 2% black marbled vinyl - further copies on traditional black wax.

Edible Side:A1: Roadblocks featuring Rasco
A2: Children Of The Corn featuring Prince Po
A3: Demolition Man featuring Grand Killa Con
A4: Sucker Free (Reasons) featuring Gee Dubs
A5: You Ain’t Fresh

Beatz Side: 
B1: Roadblocks Instrumental
B2: Children Of The Corn Instrumental
B3: Children Of The Corn (Practical Poetry Remix)
B4: Volcanoes Erupting
B5: Edible Style
B6: Beat fans

Machines used for this record:
  • MPC2500 
  • Roland MS1 
  • Yamaha MT4X 
  • Fostex G16 
  • Tascam DP24 

My special thanks goes to the Edible Beatz. All copyrights reserved, posted for promotion use only. 

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