Mittwoch, 24. Juni 2015

Jamdan: JM001LP ft. Sparrow / HHV403 ft. Sparrow

Sparrow The Movement (Fla Fla, Dre) recently dropped with "The Jacob Theology - Book 1" another limited edition vinyl album on 2LP, pressed on royal blue vinyl.

This imaged version of the album is a DiskUnion Japan exclusive and only 50 copies were available via Sparrow's bandcamp page. There is also a EU version available who didn't get one from bandcamp.

‘The Jacob Theology – Book 1 is a collage of creative license that borders on entropy. It is the initial entry in a series of releases that will chronicle the journey of Jacob (Fla-Fla) on the way to himself ... The album’s lead track ‘Amazing’, produced by Switzerland’s best kept secret SWC (Supreme War Clique), is reminiscent of the 90’s but more like 2015 ... Fla-Fla and Dre, members of Sparrow the Movement, have been creating great music since 1996. Fortunately it was their brethren overseas that were paying close attention. Sparrow has toured in Europe the past two years and is now ready to bring their act to the Americas kicking it off with a more than solid release.

A: Amazing
A: I Got More Rhymes Intro
A: God Sound
A: Love In War
A: Frienemies
A: Latitude
A: All Is Well
B: On & On & On
B: Hold My Own
B: Scream
B: Kryptonite
B: Brianna
B: Like That
B: Doe See Doe

Produced by The Custodian Of Records, SWC, DJ Cutt & M.I.
Executive produced by M.I. (SIX2SIX Records) 

Order: (Japan Version)
Order: (EU Version)

My special thanks goes to Sparrow, Jamdan and DiskUnion. All copyrights reserved, posted for promotion use only. 

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