Sonntag, 10. Mai 2015

World Wide Wax: WWW1 ft. 3 Shades Of Rhythm

This is one of the releases I nearly missed due to my rare availability on the web - but I haven't simply because the hip-hop vinyl network is working properly. 

Bay Area based trio 3 Shades Of Rhythm consists of the MC's Equipto and P-Whaley and producer TD Camp. The album originally exist on demo tape only until now. The limited edition (300 copies) 3LP comes in three different vinyl colors with gatefold cover and contains 4 tracks exclusive to this vinyl release. 

A1: Gather Round
A2: Rhythmic Shades
A3: Boom Ka Ka Boom (Remix)
A4: The Deal (Kid)
B1: Hit The Studio
B2: Methods Of Maddness
B3: Here It Is (Featuring: White Mic)

C1: Showtime
C2: You Want This
C3: For The Few
C4: Everybody Wants To Rap
D1: Funky Demonstration
D2: I'm In A Rage
D3: Reflections
D4: Leo's Beat
E1: Try Again
E2: Shades On Arrival
E3: Focus On The Witness
F1: Choose To Flow
F2: Poetry Department
F3: Don't U Won't U
F4: We Been Aroun

My special thanks goes to 3 Shades Of Rhythm and Andy at World Wide Wax. All copyrights reserved, posted for promotion use only. 

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