Donnerstag, 14. Mai 2015

HHV: HHV416 ft. Dface & Llingo

Dirty Llingo is a collaboration of Dface (of DXA fame) and Llingo Apt's (of Drumz & Llingo). "New York To Philadelphia" is a 2LP release with vocal LP and instrumental LP in a limited deluxe edition of 300 copies.

Sample-driven beats and smooth rhymes featuring lyrics by Doam Peace, Warpath, Walt Sicknin’, Calamity Chris, Too Deep, Drumat!c and others.

A1: It Gets Ruffa
A2: Up In The Casket (That's It)
A3: Pigs In Choppers
A4: In Stand By
B1: Grill Marks
B2: Go Fuck Yourself
B3: Poison Control
B4: It Gets Ruffa (Remix)
C1: It Gets Ruffa (Instrumental)
C2: Up In The Casket (Instrumental)
C3: Pigs In Choppers (Instrumental)
C4: In Stand By (Instrumental)
D1: Grill Marks (Instrumental)
D2: Go Fuck Yourself (Instrumental)
D3: Poison Control (Instrumental)

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My special thanks goes to Dface (DXA) and Llingo (Drumz & Lingo), KDP and HHV. All copyrights reserved, posted for promotion use only. 

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