Dienstag, 5. Mai 2015

Dusty Platter: DP009 ft. MG Gost

MG Gost is producer and musician from Novi Sad, Serbia and member of the well respected 'Hain Teny' collective,

'Waking Walk' is the debut LP from MG Gost and features an all-star emcee line-up, such as G-Force, Tableek, Jack Jones aka Audessey, Cadence and many more.

The album also features 2 bonus remixes, courtesy of Dirty Hairy and Slone.

A1: Hip Hop ft. Thesaurus Rex
A2: Hand Me The Crown ft. G-Force
A3: Thats Whats Up ft. Tableek
A4: Happy People
A5: Dream Chaser ft. Jack Jones
A6: Art & Fun ft. MC Seek

B1: Diggin In The Crates ft. Baba Israel
B2: Destination Earth ft. Cadence & V'Zion
B3: Esency
B4: Believe Me ft. Tony Diggs & V'Zion
B5: Dream Chaser Dirty Hairy Remix ft. Jack Jones
B6: Dream Chaser Slone Remix ft. Jack Jones

The 12" is limited to 325 copies on black vinyl with sticker cover.

My special thanks goes to MG Gost, Dusty Platter and all artists involved. All copyrights reserved, posted for promotion use only. 

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